DIY: Ombre Shoes


March flew by in a flash and here’s the DIY of the month- Ombre shoes! Ombre started hitting the racks last year and I am glad to say that it has never gone out of trend.


DIY inspiration:

ombre love









Photo credits given to the respective owners.


What you’ll need:

  • White shoes
  • Fabric Dye (available at hardware stores like Home Fix)
  • Vaseline
  • Baking Powder
  • Old toothbrush
  • Container (not pictured)
  • Newspapers (not pictured)


DSC_0018 copy

CSC_0014 copy


1. Prepare your fabric dye (colour of your choice) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For mine, I had to mix the sachet with boiling water and salt.

DSC_0025 copy


2.  Coat the soles with Vaseline to protect it from the dye. A little goes a long way! The thin coat of Vaseline will not come off easily.

DSC_0032 copy

DSC_0029 copy


3. Wet shoes throughly to ensure the even application of dye later on.

4. Dip the tongue (1/3) of the shoes in the dye. If the container is not deep enough, use a plastic spoon to aid in application of the dye.

CSC_0058 copy

CSC_0059 copy


5. Repeat Step 4 to achieve the darkest shade of yellow at the tongue of the shoes.

6. Dip the shoes further into the container, covering half the shoes with dye. Again, a plastic spoon can be used to transfer the dye if the container is not deep enough.

7.  Using a damp cloth, blend the colours to achieve a smooth gradient from dark to light (yellow).

DSC_0042 - CopyDSC_0049 - Copy DSC_0050 - Copy DSC_0051 - Copy copy


Tip: If the intensity of the colour is not to your satisfaction, apply more dye for a more concentrated colour. For a lighter shade of colour, continuously blend it with a damp cloth and stop when it reaches your desired shade.

8. Wait for 5 minutes before running the newly-dyed shoes under tap water until the water comes out clear.

9. Hang to dry overnight. Place newspapers underneath to collect any drops of dye.

DSC_0069 - Copy copy


10. The next day, pour a few teaspoons of Vaseline on the soles of the shoes. Using the old toothbrush, gently scrub it and the Vaseline will gradually come off in clumps.

11. Wipe the shoes with a dry paper towel to remove any excess baking powder. The soles will regain their smooth texture!


I absolutely loved how they cheerful turned out, instantly giving my monochrome outfit a pop of colour!

CSC_0110 copy copy

CSC_0111 copy copy1

unnamed copy DSC_0105 copy1 copy


Keep a lookout for the next DIY project!

♡, Natalie



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