DIY: Make your own coasters

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Hi friends! ☺ Here in my first post I would like to share with you how to make your own custom coasters! I did 2 kinds of coasters- I like to call them the scrabble coaster and the corkboard coaster. What these two share in common is that soft corkboard is needed for both. I got my inspiration from Domestic for Dummies and it so happened I saw individual scrabble tiles for sale. (I saw them at a store called Made With Love) Straightaway I knew I definitely had to make this! For the corkboard coasters, I chanced upon these two websites (SustyParty and FellowFellow)  which got me started on my own. I absolutely loved how this project has endless possibilities as I can choose what words or designs I wanted on my own coasters (and so can you!) .

What you’ll need:

  • scrabble tiles (alphabets of your choice)
  • a permanent marker (I used uni black Paint Marker from Popular)
  • Superglue (from Popular)
  •  A4 sized soft corkboard (from Daiso)
  • Penknife (from Popular)
  • Clear Enamel or Clear Glaze (I got mine from Spotlight but you could try Art Friend too)

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the step-by-step how to, but here’s a brief overview of how to do each type of coaster.

For the scrabble coaster, I picked out my 4-letter words to make a 4 tile x 4 tile coaster and as you can see, the words can be about anything! It does not necessarily have to be about food or drinks for that matter. My words only went in 1 direction but you could always make them go in 2 directions if you are up for a challenge! I glued the tiles onto the corkboard first and using the penknife, I cut the sides of the corkboard so that it would fit the scrabble tiles as it was used as a backing. In retrospect, I realised I should have glued the tiles to each other first before gluing it to the corkboard as it was quite hard to get glue onto the gaps and this step was really important. (if not your coaster would be really soft and bendy) But nevertheless, I still managed to apply some glue on by spreading a thin layer of glue on a small piece of paper and running it through the gaps. The last step would be to protect the wooden scrabble tiles from moisture with clear enamel or clear glaze. Let it dry for a day.

photo (14) copy photo (13) copy

photo (15) copy

For the corkboard coasters, all you have to do its to cut out your desired shape of coasters (mine were 4″ x 4″ with rounded edges) and simply draw any design on them using the permanent marker and it’s done!

photo (16) copy photo (18) copy

I thought these would make a cute gift idea so I wrapped them up with a ribbon to give to a (best) friend! I hope you have enjoyed this post and I promise that there will be more DIY projects coming up really soon. ☺


photo (19) copy photo (20) copy


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